Kupu Spirits Debuts Whiskey

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Kupu Spirits Debuts Whiskey - Kupu Spirits

Official Launch to be Held at Maui Brewing Company Waikiki

Kihei, Hawaii (May 13, 2021) – Following one year of resting on new charred American oak barrels, Kupu Spirits announces the launch of its Whiskey. The product, a blend of Rye and Bourbon Whiskey, has been matured in a space provided by Haleakala Ranch in bunkers dating back to World War II. The 88 proof Whiskey is an exceptional expression of caramel and vanilla building to peppery spice notes with a hint of nuttiness.

“After closely monitoring the aging process for over 2 years, we carefully selected the barrels to pull for Batch #1. Selecting the perfect marriage of the lighter #2 charring of white American oak, along with the ideal climate conditions where the whiskey was rested, we feel this rye-heavy blend really stands-up to top whiskeys in its class. While the subtle complexities of the sweet corn and vanilla flavors are apparent, we wanted to primarily showcase that spicy, peppery kick of the rye that we all know and love,” stated Lead Distiller, Nick Reiss. “Our team at Kupu/MBC worked very hard, putting in the time and sweat to build the foundation of a program here on Maui that will continue to bring more delicious whiskey for years to come. As the Lead Distiller of Kupu Spirits, I personally hope you enjoy this whiskey as much as I do.”

The official debut of Kupu Whiskey will be on World Whiskey Day, May 15th at MBC Waikiki. CEO and Co-Founder of Maui Brewing Company/Kupu Spirits, Garrett Marrero will be on-site to promote the latest product alongside Lead Distiller, Nick Reiss, members of the MBC team, and distribution partners from Paradise Beverages.

To commemorate the occasion, all Maui Brewing Company locations will be offering a promotional cocktail, “Ko’olau Cruiser” created by MBC Waikiki’s General Manager and Head Mixologist Shawn Shelton. The cocktail is made with Kupu Spirits Whiskey, Orange Liqueur, Sweet Vermouth, and lemon juice.

In addition, Executive Chef Terry Lynch has created a dessert pairing “Honey Toast with Kupu Whiskey Caramel Sauce”.

At the brewery/distillery location on Maui, the team at MBC Kihei will be promoting Kupu Whiskey with two offerings throughout the week of May 15 – May 22:

  • A HI Fashioned sampler, featuring four beverages on a sampler paddle including a signature White Kupu Old Fashioned, a Kupu Barrel One Old Fashioned, an Origin Kupu Old Fashioned, and a Barrel-aged Old Fashioned Barleywine.
  • White Kupu Sloshie Special, a classic frozen blend of Mango Iced Tea with Lemonade, Kupu White Whiskey, and cane sugar.

Since its 2019 inception, Kupu Spirits has won awards for every product in its line, including Gin, White Whiskey, and ready-to-drink cocktail varietals of Whiskey Ginger, Whiskey Cola, and Gin and Tonic.

For more information and to connect with the brand, visit www.KupuSpirits.com and follow Kupu Spirits on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.