Whiskey Ginger

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Whiskey Ginger - Kupu Spirits
Whiskey Ginger

Kupu Spirits Whiskey blended with local Island Ginger Beer.
Ready-to-Enjoy Craft Cocktail.

7.0% Alc. by Vol. / Available in 4-pk 12oz/355ml cans
Bronze Medal 2020 ADI Judging of Craft Spirits Canned Cocktail Category
Pleasant zesty ginger was a great match for the whisky in hand. Love the aluminum can for chilling and responsibly enjoying anywhere. Pack it in pack it out friend!
Amount Per Serving
Calories kcal/12 oz: - 240
Total Fat - 0g
Total Carbohydrates g/12 oz. - 28g
Sugars g/12 oz. - 27g
Protein g/12 oz. - 0g